Terms of Sales AVK

Terms of Sale, updated 27.04.2017

1. The business

The core business of the Autovahinkokeskus Oy (The Finnish Center for Salvaged Vehicles) is to sell and buy vehicles and other commodities, and to buy, sell and repair spare parts and accessories and to offer storage and transportation services.

2. Storing of the vehicles

Before selling

  • The vehicles are stored in our uncleared vehicles yard until they are ready for sale. It is not allowed to explore these vehicles until they are processed.

After selling

  • The vehicle will be transported away from the place of sales and it is not allowed to explore it without a permission.
  • It is buyer´s responsibility to collect the vehicle in a week after buying. If the vehicle is not collected on deadline, Autovahinkokeskus Oy will charge an extra 10€/day for storage.
  • Autovahinkokeskus Oy has the right to put the vehicle back for sale if it has not been collected on deadline.
  • The storage is at buyer´s own risk.
  • If the transaction is being cancelled on behalf of the buyer, or buyer´s representative, AVK holds the right to charge 250 euros (inc.VAT) as cancelling expenses. Cancelling expenses include forklift transfers, documents processing and resale costs.

 3. Sale of vehicles

  • The vehicles are sold by, and under the supervision of, Autovahinkokeskus Oy as they are and with the accessories on the moment of sales.
  • The buyer must understand that the vehicle is damaged. Autovahinkokeskus Oy is not responsible of the technical functionality nor of the road safety of the vehicle. The vehicles might have been standing still for a long time and the battery might be dead, brakes not functional and it might be problematic to start the engine.
  • The equipment and accessories of the vehicles may differ from what can be seen in the sales photos. We strongly advise you to inspect the vehicle on-site before buying. You can also ask about the equipment and accessories from our sales staff.

  • The current equipment and accessories may differ from the moment of redemption.

  • Some of the vehicle´s accessories might be sold separately (for example a second set of tyres or a cd-player).
  • Some of the annual vehicle taxes might be unpaid. If Autovahinkokeskus Oy has the knowledge of unpaid taxes, the amount will be mentioned in the sales ad. It is possible to find out about remaining taxes from Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Trafi. Paying the taxes is buyer´s responsibility.

  • The description of the vehicle is not complete. The most substantial damages and faults detected during a brief inspection are described. The possibility of additional damages should be taken into consideration. We strongly advise to inspect the vehicle on-site before buying. You may contact the customer service of Autovahinkokeskus Oy by e-mail, phone or on-site for more information.

  • Buying a vehicle only based on the sales advertisement is not recommended.

  • The buyer should understand that the vehicles are being transported on-site using a forklift. This may result in cosmetic damages and of which Autovahinkokeskus Oy cannot be held accountable of.

  • The buyer should take into consideration that the vehicles are used, which involves that there may besides collision damage, be need of repair caused by natural wear and things other than those which led the vehicle to being salvaged (old damage).

  • Autovahinkokeskus Oy puts the vehicles for sale based on the information available. The seller might not have information about the history of use, the way of the accident or hidden deficiencies.

  • Buyer should take into consideration that Autovahinkokeskus Oy rarely has the opportunity to perform a full scale test drive nor produce an extensive diagnosis of the technical condition. Hidden damages or faults are possible
  • The odometer reading may differ from the actual.

  • The seller only announces the year of registration and this may differ from the manufacturing date.

  • The vehicle's history can be found out from the registry of the Trafi using vehicle identification number.

  • The terms of inspection will be transferred to Trafi database where they are available for the registration inspection officials. The necessary documents (wheel alignment certificate etc.) will be checked during registration inspection as well as the validity of the repair.

  • The selling price is paid using the invoice given by the seller. Vehicles, spare parts, different services (transportation etc.) can also be paid using credit card. There is also a possibility to pay via internet bank on-site.

  • The ownership will be transferred to the buyer only after the total payment has been made and vehicle given to the buyer by Autovahinkokeskus Oy. The seller has the right to cancel the deal and return the vehicle back for sale if it has not been collected on time.

  • The bids have to be made in the buyer´s name. Buyer information will not be altered after closing the deal.

  • Buyer´s personal data and contact details will be registered based on insurance company policies. It is required that the needed data (including social security number / business register number/possible VAT number) is given.

  • The fuel has been removed from all the stored vehicles, and from the vehicles being for sale, for fire safety reasons.

  • If the car's air bag is not deployed or it has self-tightening safety belts, please take contact with the importer or manufacturer for safety instructions before repair.

  • The government regulations must be taken into consideration. The Inspection Authority has, among other things, the right to demand, during the registration inspection of the damaged vehicle, to see a report showing the functionality of the vehicle's frame, chassis, wheel angles, axle alignment and safety equipment.

3.1. Service fee

  • A product-specific service charge is added to each transaction. The service charge includes vehicle loading service (vans and smaller vehicles), document handling and other trade related customer service. The amount of the service charge depends on the vehicle sales level as follows:


    Vehicle data level                     The amount of the service charge (incl. VAT.24%)

    Limited                                                             35 €

    Standard                                                          65 €

    Comprehensive                                               150 €


    You can find out more about the level of knowledge in the broader description. With a product-specific level of knowledge, we provide sufficient and high-quality information for each product in support of a cost estimate.

The sales methods are:

Have a look at damage descriptions

For repair

  • A vehicle is sold for repair with no terms of inspection.

  • The registration documents will be posted to the buyer after payment and collection of the vehicle. This usually takes about three weeks.

  • After repair, the vehicle is inspected and registered by the buyer. Safety constructions and safety devices may have damages even though no terms of inspection have been settled.

  • Safety constructions and safety devices have to be repaired based on the regulations of the manufacturer. The repair work has to be performed using correct methods. The properties of the safety constructions must be restored to the level where they were before the damage.

  • The inspection official has the right to demand documentation of the repair and of the origin of spare parts used in the repair work.

  • The inspection official must always be presented the photographs of the damaged vehicle given by the seller.

Repair under conditions

Have a look at The terms of inspections 

  • Safety constructions and safety devices have to be repaired based on the regulations of the manufacturer. The repair work has to be performed using correct methods. The properties of the safety constructions must be restored to the level where they were before the damage.

  • If demanded, the origin of the parts used in the repair work must be truthfully accounted for.

  • If the insurance company is the repair supervisor, work done has to be seen over according to the way the insurance company defines, in a work phase agreed upon before starting the repair, and, at the latest, before painting and rust prevention treatment.

  • If the seller or inspection official insists, there must be presented an acceptable chassis documentation and documentation concerning wheel alignment and wheel angle adjustment.

  • The registration documentation is given to the buyer, after the data concerning the details to be supervised has been transferred to the Trafi database and / or when the damage inspector has approved the work.

  • As to motorcycles, proof of frame inspection must be brought forward. An inspection may lead to rejection, and the registration of the motorcycle can only be done after the frame construction is renewed.

  • The inspection official must always be presented the photographs of the damaged vehicle given by the seller.

  • As for a supervised repair, the inspection official must always be presented , except this documentation, also the photographs of the damaged vehicle, and a copy of the  repair cost  estimate, if one exists.
  • If a vehicle is sold abroad as to be repaired under conditions, it is removed from the Finnish Transport Safety Agency TraFi as wrecked, and cannot be reregistered as a vehicle to road traffic use in Finland.

To be dismantled

  • The vehicle has been definitely taken out of the registration, and it cannot be registered to traffic use.

  • The vehicle is sold for dismantling only.

  • No registration documentation is given to the buyer.

  • Valid environment permission is required from the buyer and the buyer has to be a member of Suomen Autokierrätys Oy (Finnish Car Recycling Ltd.).

  • Passenger cars and vans cannot be exported abroad based on EU regulations.

4. The level of information on different categories

The level of information provided is based on our knowledge on the technical condition, the extent of the damages and the history of the vehicle. The level of information is divided into three categories:


  • Only the most substantial and superficial damages are described. This is not necessarily an indication of the vehicle´s poor condition.
  • The level of information considering damages, technical condition and the history of the vehicle is limited. No further information on technical condition, possible hidden damages, wear and tear or history of use is available. The definitive condition of the product is not guaranteed and there is no possibility of complaint or cancellation of the transaction.
  • The products are for sale mainly in an auction and the customer´s have a possibility to inspect them on-site before placing a bid, so the regulations of distance selling do not apply (no 14 day right of return policy).


  • The most substancial damages and faults detected during a brief inspection are described.
  • No comprehensive analysis on technical condition or hidden faults has perfromed. There might be more damages and wear and tear than has been noticed.


  • Comprehensive level of information considering damages and technical condition. The objective is to notice all possible damages and to indicate hidden faults whenever it is possible.
  • Necessary measurements and dismantling procedures have been carried out for some of the vehicles in this category. The objective is to notice the extent and severity of the damages. The engine and transmission have been tested whenever possible. If the condition differs from the expected usual condition, it will be mentioned.
  • We hold ourselves responsible of the information in the advertisement as well as of the possible lack of information. If the product is not up to the description, we kindly ask you to contact asiakaspalvelu@avk.fi

5. Bids conderning the products

  • Bids can be given in our offices, by calling our car sales or in the AVK website. The opportunity to place bids in the internet requires a registration in the AVK website.
  • The minimum raise is:

                           10€ for bids of 200€ or less

                           20€ for bids of 3500€ or less

                           100€ for bids over 3500€

  • A bid, that is not yet accepted, can be cancelled in customer´s account management or by our customer service.
  • AVK holds the right to accept or turn down the bid.
  • Customer will receive a confirmation after an accepted bid, by phone or by e-mail. If we are unable to reach the customer in seven (7) days and the product still remains unpaid, the deal will be cancelled and the product put back for sale.
  • The buyer must thoroughly inspect the vehicle at the moment of collection and to claim immediately if there are additional damages of deficiencies, before leaving the spot.
  • Fuel has been removed due to safety and environmental regulations.


  • Auctions will close at the date and time announced in the sales ad. Vehicles will be sold with the highest bid that has been given at the moment of the auction closing or after one (1) minutes since the last given bid. At the latest, auction will end three (3) hours after the closing time announced in the sales ad.
  • If a customer places a bid, that is equal to the asking price, before the auction´s ending and no higher bids appear during the next one minute, the auction will end and the bid will be accepted. The transaction will be confirmed after our customer service has accepted the offer and the product is given to the customer.
  • Bids of the auction vehicles can be given the same way as of all the other vehicles for sale at AVK. Progression of the auction can be followed in AVK website from the sales ad.


Automatic bidder

  • Automatic bidder works on your behalf and raises your bid if another customer outbids your latest offer. This system will ensure you being the highest bidder.
  • Enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay in “activate automatic bidder” field. Your bids are visible on the green part of the screen.
  • Automatic bidder will do nothing if you have the highest bid. Automatic bidder raises your bid only when another customer bids more than your current bid unless your reserve has already been reached.
  • Automatic bidder will re-bid only when your offer gets outbid. You will be notified if another customer places a bid higher than your current reserve (you have to give us the permission to contact you via e-mail in your account management).
  • If two customers fill in an equal reserve, the highest bid remains for the customer who activates the automatic bidder first. The automatic bidder wins always the manually made bid. The first customer to activate automatic bidder will get the first bid and always wins if nobody offers the asking price. Second customer activating automatic bidder will get the first raise. This will go on in turns until the reserve has been reached using minimum raise steps.

  • You cannot set a reserve that is equal to the asking price. Highest possible maximum bid must be the asking price subtracted by bid increment.
  • If you want to buy the product immediately, just place a bid that is equal to the asking price. If no-one bids more during the next one minute, you have won the auction. If the product is not placed in an auction you can buy directly by offering the asking price.
  • You can shut down the automatic bidder in the middle of an auction. Your latest bid will remain valid in this case. It is also possible to reactivate your automatic bidder or continue the auction bidding manually.
  • The automatic bidder will reset if the auction is restarted.


            Current highest bid is 3600€.

            You settle your maximum bid to 5000€.

            Automatic bidder will raise your bid to 3700€.

6. Transportation of a sold vehicle from the storage place

  • A sold vehicle must be taken away from the storage area within a week, calculated from the day of the agreement, including the sell day. If the vehicle is not collected on deadline, Autovahinkokeskus Oy will charge an extra 10€/day for storage. If not otherwise agreed, and the vehicle is not transported from the area within the limit, Autovahinkokeskus Oy has the right to put the vehicle back for sale.

  • The vehicle is handed over only when it has been paid for. Be prepared to certify your identity, when you come to collect a vehicle or fill a power of attorney and hand it over to the third party collector.

  • If a vehicle is given to the buyer from any other place than Espoo, Pirkkala or Oulu, the buyer should take into consideration, that the retail price of the vehicle might not include the costs which will be caused by the loading. Loading is only included in the retail price of a passenger or a smaller vehicle.

  • If the buyer needs loading assistance, when loading a vehicle elsewhere than in Espoo, in Pirkkala or in Oulu, he must, in advance, make a loading contract, where these costs are accounted for.

  • The sold vehicles are kept on the storage place on the buyer's responsibility.

  • All registration documents will be made in Espoo office. We will send the registration documents by mail to the buyers address. Check that your address is correct on your AVK customer information. If the transport company wants to pick up the documents, the Collector has to inform it when collecting. The registration papers can then be picked up at Espoo's office.

  • If the vehicle and documents will be collected by a third party, the collector has to present this P.O.W. when collecting.

Specific power of attourney

Blank cheque - universal power of attourney

7. The regulations of distance selling

  • Distance selling is a method of trade where the buyer and seller do not meet.
  • Auction is not distance selling.

  • The consumer has the right to cancel the transaction in 14 days after receiving the vehicle. If the buyer wishes to cancel the transaction, Autovahinkokeskus Oy customer service has to be informed on-site, by phone or by e-mail (asiakaspalvelu@avk.fi) without a delay.

  • It is buyer´s responsibility to store the vehicle for 14 days after the cancellation agreement with Autovahinkokeskus Oy has been made.

  • The vehicle has to be in the same state as it was when collecting.

  • Autovahinkokeskus Oy will inspect the vehicle after it has been returned to the seller. The buyer must return all documents, accessories and keys related to the vehicle.

  • Transportation expenses etc. will not be refunded to the buyer.

  • If all documents, accessories and keys related to the vehicle are not returned to seller, or the condition of the vehicle has changed, Autovahinkokeskus Oy will reduce an equal amount from the compensation.
  • If the vehicle has been put to use, the buyer has the responsibility to compensate the possible depreciation to the seller.

  • If Autovahinkokeskus Oy notices any deficiencies in the returned vehicle later on, which have been caused by the buyer, Autovahinkokeskus Oy has the right to charge the purchase price or an amount equal to the value depreciation of the vehicle, from the buyer.

  • Distance selling cancellation form

8. Privacy Policy