We will renew our service fee as from 1st of May 2017!

We will renew our service fee as from 1st of May 2017!

Our new service charge replaces the old delivery fee and is based on the vehicle information level. Product information is set to the level of sales information, depending on how comprehensive information about its technical condition, extent of damage, and history of use is known. The higher the level of information on the vehicle, the more thoroughly we can provide our customers with information about the product in support of the purchase decision and facilitate the evaluation of the cost of vehicle refurbishment.

Information levels are divided into three different categories; Limited, Standard, and Comprehensive. You can find out more about the information levels in the broader description HERE

New service charges will be attached for all transactions that have occurred after May 1st  2017 and will consist of the following product information levels:

Vehicle information level      The amount of the service charge (incl. VAT.24%)

Limited                                                                    35 €

Standard                                                                 65 €

Comprehensive                                                    150 €


With the new service fee model, we will provide our customers with even better and more versatile services, technical expertise and sales information. In addition, our service charge includes, among others, vehicle loading service and trade-related document handling.